The first brick in a multimedia empire that will stretch beyond the limits of space and time... / by Josh Trudell

Monarch Butterfly Okay, not really. My schemes to take over the universe only extend as far as Australia right now, but the universe has a wary eye on me. Wary, I tell you!

I'm Josh. I do things - mostly in the realm of graphic design, photography and writing. It's a crowded realm, but I'm trying to carve out a little bigger space for me and mine. Me is, well, me, and mine is Superwife and Echo the Amazing Feline. <waves>

This is starting out as a blog for class - I'm one of those back-to-school fools - but eventually it'll be folded into the home of my multimedia empire. I've got the crown picked out and everything.

I like to talk photography, design, travel, baseball, books and movies. There will be a healthy sprinkling of pop culture references, many of the Whedon variety. I don't paint myself as an expert of anything - that way lies bloated egos and other similarly bad things. So sit down, hang out, and we'll talk a bit.

To kick this off, I'm adding one of my favorite pictures - maybe the first one I took in my new era of photography that I really liked. It's not perfect, but it struck me.

Till next time,