Punk rocks! / by Josh Trudell

How long have I been away from the blog? Probably long enough to swim to Australia and back...but it was easier to fly. 

I should be finishing the Australia pictures. That was totally my intention, honest.

But when I got an e-mail inviting me to a steampunk shoot at a railroad museum – well, how can you resist that?

This was a group I found via Meetup – a site I find I’m using more and more often for these kind of things. There was a modest fee involved, but for half-a-dozen models in elaborate costumes and hair and makeup artists, it was more than worth it.

The New Braunfels railroad museum had a surprising amount of material – several railroad cars, including a locomotive and a caboose, and lots of historic signs and material that made for good props. Union Pacific and Amtrak trains pass by every day to lend it extra authenticity. As a fan of railroads, it was fun to wander through. And it’s free.

The group – Models & Cameras – is well-run, and there were lots of good people to work with. It was my first time shooting with steampunk-inspired models, and I thought it made for some fascinating looks.

Now then – back to the Australia pix…