Cosplay Workshop / by Josh Trudell

Remember those New Year's resolutions we were all excited about six weeks ago? Go to the gym, eat less, be kinder, etc., etc.?

While my gym membership is gathering a bit of dust, I did check off at least a start to one resolution last weekend. I wanted to try more photography with models - experimenting with light and movement and so on. 

In an excellent coincidence, it happened that Jennifer Lynn Larsen and Mika Nicole, two wonderful models, decided to put together a workshop in February for photographers interested in cosplay photography. 

That's a tricky subject to shoot, because it can be a fine line between powerful and alluring to ridiculous. Jennifer and Mika led a workshop in helping photographers communicate with their models. It was definitely worth attending bringing home some important points to get both people on the same page. 

Jennifer and Mika also modeled for us, starting as Dark Phoenix (Jennifer) and Jean Grey (Mika), then 1960s Catwoman (Jennifer) and Harley Quinn (Mika). Below are some of the results.  


I've got a lot of things to work on, but this was a really fun exercise. I'm looking forward to working with them again.