Sleepy, rainy Sunday afternoons... by Josh Trudell

A few thoughts while edging toward a Sunday afternoon nap:  It's pouring rain here in South Texas today, and the Cowboys are playing in bright sunshine in Seattle. Ironic.

It is officially football season, and that reminds me of my favorite football-related story. 

Since moving to Texas, my wife and I have had regular occasions where we've been reminded that we live in something of a foreign land compared to our native New England. 

Seeing a mariachi band visit my workplace. Finding out that salsa goes with everything. Have people tell me, "We're fixin' to shoot" and "They've got good EYE-talian food." Hair that could fend off bullets and leopard prints in all their forms and splendor.

This is the Texas moment that I think I'll always remember, though.

Driving home from work one day, I was listening to a sports-talk radio host rhapsodize about the stadium just opened by the Dallas Cowboys. After ripping through several pages of the nearest thesaurus, comparing it to all the hotels in Vegas and various wonders of the ancient and modern worlds, he came out with this:

"If Jesus Christ was a Transformer, he'd be the new Cowboys stadium."

I nearly drove off the road. 

Branching out: After focusing on travel writing for some time, I've had the chance to stretch into some outdoors writing for the sports section of the San Antonio Express-News. I wrote this piece on windsurfing, and I've got some additional pieces coming on rafting, zip-lining and hang-gliding.

Adventure is coming. We're going out to Big Bend National Park soon - a trip I've been looking forward to practically since we moved here. Gorgeous, seriously photo worthy country. Can. Not. Wait.